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Hi there!  We're the Rogers Family.  Welcome to our little dirt road off the information super highway.  You can use the "Clan" links above to see who we are, what we're all about, and to get to know us a little better.  You can also use these links to get in touch with us.  There are also some killer family recipes available.  Finally, there are some fish tales that are a fun read and ABSOLUTELY TRUE!

The links in the middle will take you to some pages that are of personal interest to me.  My two great life passions are the mountains of Southern Appalachia and woodworking.  Of course, I have "other stuff" that peaks my interest including dendrology (the study of trees), antiques, photography, and a few favorite drummers.  It's a rather diverse, and eclectic set of hobbies, and I really wish I had more time to dedicate to all of them. 

Currently, I'm working on the links to the Woodworking and Mountains pages.  Projects like the The Barn and Photography pages are always evolving and will never really be "finished." 

Finally, the "web site" links will give some insight about this web site and its author.  Also, if you want to send me a note, you can use either, the site's form-mail, or a standard e-mail client

Anyway, look around, have fun, enjoy.  Take what you want and leave the rest.

Some Interesting Pics...

The Blue Ridge Mountains
© S.C. Rogers
An American chestunut tree taken in the Smoky Mountains at the turn of the century.
© Great Smoky Mountain National Park
Our 1850's oak buffet, complete with bevelled mirror.  It has an Arts & Crafts feel, but pre-dates the period.
© S.C. Rogers
Take as the sun was setting through some tall Georgia pines.
© S.C. Rogers
A Vamp (ca. 1930's) made by James Heddons & Sons.
© S.C. Rogers
Flower taken right after a rain shower.
© S.C. Rogers

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